Vacation Rentals in London


At Ivy Lettings, we believe that a personal service is the key to finding your ideal London vacation rental. From advising on the most suitable properties and areas, local restaurant recommendations, and being personally greeted upon arrival, our friendly and personal team are there for you. Do give us a call or send us an email and we would be more than happy to anwer any questions you may have before and throughout your time in London. 

We love all of our London vacation rentals for their charm and comfort. Because we want you to feel at home, all our holiday rentals come fully equipped with free wifi and kitchen and laundry ammenities. 

Ivy Lettings homes are ideally located nearby train stations with excellent tranport links, because we know you want to get around London as easily as possible. For every property, we will provide you with a folder which includes information on all transport links and the closest bars and restaurants, so you can feel like a real Londoner! 

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Simply give us a call or send us an email and Beatrice, Natalie, Eleanor and Alice would love to find you the perfect home.

Tel: +44 20 7349 7016 (lines open 7am - 7pm weekdays, 9am - 5pm all other days).

Email: enquiries@ivylettings.com



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