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Editor's Pick of This Week's London News: As Eccentric as Ever

Every week we’ll bring you a taste of the week’s news: what’s going on and what people are thinking about the city. This week, Londoners are still more eccentric than ever.

London: “When you visit it’s like going back to a favourite armchair”

The Financial Times' latest investigation into how London looks to foreigners brings to light some encouraging and lively responses by visitors from Europe and beyond.Armchair Ivy Lettings

For Polish expats, a place of possibility; for many Germans it's a money-obsessed metropole. Most interestingly, Indian migrants find London uncannily familiar - a reminder of Britain's colonial past. 

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Who’d Have Thought - British Pensioners Allegedly the Reason for Increasing London House Prices!

British PensionerAccording to Business Insider, London’s pensioners, or "last-time buyers", are cashing in on record low interest rates and selling their valuable homes for a much larger sum than they bought them for. They’re then buying smaller homes and paying in cash, while paying off their mortgage.

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Can Cheaper Be Better? The $100 Version of a Luxury $1000 Day Out in London

Williams Sonoma

The New York Times’ Seth Kugel recreates a $1000 day in London with only $100. I especially love his £5.50 lunch option – it actually looks much more delicious: a stand selling Landford goat's cheese grilled to order with honey, walnuts and rosemary butter.

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