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Preparing Your Home For Winter: Our Head of Housekeeping's Top Tips


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Bright Ideas for Winter 


 Linda Tinte Ivy Lettings Linda, our Head of Housekeeping, explains how to prepare your home for winter.


Ivy Lettings London

A Winter Garden

Your garden won’t look like it did in summer. Scrape the leaves off the ground, tidy borders and clear out compost bins. It may be cold outside, but guests still want a good-looking garden to look out on.


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Boiler Maintenance

One of the biggest panics that homeowners have is when guests arrive in the winter period, and their boiler breaks. It happens fairly often if you don’t do regular maintenance on your boiler, especially in the pre-Christmas season. Now is the time to get the electrician in to give it a once-over.

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Consider Switching Energy Supplier

If your bills have been high over summer, check if another energy supplier will offer you a better package.


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Give Your Pipes Some Padding

This is the best way to prevent pipes from bursting. The term for padding pipes with a layer of foam is known as ‘lagging’. Get the plumber round now – she/he won’t be free this Christmas.



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Combat Condensation on Windows

 This is caused by poor ventilation indoors, particularly in the kitchen, bathrooms and laundry room. Make sure your tumble dryer is vented outside and avoid using bottled gas heaters. It’s also good to fit your home with trickle ventilators and extractor fans in bathrooms and kitchens.  

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Hot Chocolate

Stock up on hot chocolate, tea and coffee. There’s nothing like a hot drink to revitalize your guests in chilly England.


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To find out more about how to prepare for a short let, or if you would like to apply to rent out your home with Ivy Lettings, give Beatrice, Alice or Holly of our enquiries team a call on 0207 349 7016 or email us at [email protected]