Refer a Host



You introduce prospective hosts to Ivy and if their home joins our portfolio, you'll receive a £250 introduction fee* as soon as we've completed two bookings at that home.


There's no limit to the number of hosts you can introduce!


*If you'd prefer, we're happy to pay the introduction fee to a charity instead.


What kind of homes are you looking for?
We list homes which are fully furnished and located in central London. They need to have a total of at least 6 weeks’ availability (most of which between April and October).

Sounds good, what are the next steps?
1. Tell friends, family, neighbours, anyone who has a suitable home about Ivy! If you’re familiar with how we work etc, let them know, but otherwise everything is neatly listed on our Hosting with Ivy page.
2. When your referred hosts get in touch, they mention they were referred by you so you get the credit.

3. Once we've completed two bookings at the home, we'll wire you £250.


Can I introduce homes listed with other agencies?
Yes that’s fine - we don’t require exclusivity.


I'd like to list with Ivy - can I "introduce" myself?
Yes that’s fine. We'll give you £250 credit once you complete your second booking.


If you’d prefer us to pay the introduction fee to a registered UK charity instead, we’d be delighted to. Ivy’s charity of choice is The Woodland Trust, but it’s up to you.


What if a new home is introduced by two or more different people?
The first person the new host mentions as having introduced them earns the fee (see Terms below).


1. Only one fee payable per introduced home, per above.
2. Two bookings must have been completed within 12 months of first listing with Ivy in order for the introduction fee to be payable.


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