Five Videos of London to Inspire Your Next Trip

30 Aug 18
Visiting London

Five Videos of London to Inspire Your Next Trip

30 Aug 18

London is a city that belongs on the big screen. With its iconic landmarks, eccentric characters and vast swathes of history, the British capital has certainly had its fair share of blockbusters, with favourites such as Bridget Jones, Harry Potter, Notting Hill and Paddington luring film buffs keen to catch a glimpse of their iconic settings. However, those short on time might prefer a quicker glance. We’ve selected a couple of shorter films to whet your appetite for your next visit to London. Sit back with a cup of tea and a biscuit, and enjoy our top London videos.



The Royal Wedding

If the royal nuptials of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, aka the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, at London’s Windsor Castle didn’t get you booking your next flight to London, we’re pretty sure this snapshot reminder of the wedding’s highlights will. Few places do pomp and ceremony with quite as much majesty as the British capital. How can anyone resist a visit to London’s palaces, parks and castles for a real taste of royal life?



London in 1903

One of the London’s draw cards is its immense history. Founded by the Romans in 50AD, it was only after the start of the 20thcentury that we could actually start to capture it on camera and create antique relics like this one. Skip to 1903, and you’re looking at one of the earliest videos of London, courtesy of the British Film Institute. Steamers on the River Thames might have been replaced by river buses, and its charming original coaches are now the much-loved red double-deckers, but the throngs around Charing Cross Station and Waterloo Place remain the same, as do the iconic facades of Big Ben and the Royal Courts of Justice.



London Time Lapse

Who doesn’t love a time lapse of London? This one ticks all the boxes in terms of lassoing all the greats. Lurching epically from the iconic Gherkin and the ubiquitous four chimneys of Battersea Power Station, to the great feat of architectural genius that is the London Eye and Camden’s busy locks, this is one lapse that captures the capital perfectly.​​



The Who

Pick a classic British band, add a catchy tune and a backdrop of the boating lake in London’s Hyde Park, and you have this fabulously retro London video for The Who’s The Kids Are Alright. It’s not the most charismatic music video among the many that have been set in the city, but we love the shot two minutes in of their fans, decked out in true 1968 London fashion, and totally bewildered that they’ve stumbled across The actual Who playing in Hyde Park.



An Honest Guide

Many of us have ditched our trusty Lonely Planet tomes for more hand-luggage friendly travel guide apps, and city guide London Planner’s brilliant mini videos have us questioning how we ever did without these all-seeing, all-dancing visual guides. From how to travel on the London Underground to eating out in the city and virtual tours of some of London’s hottest attractions including Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey, these are perfect adverts for the British metropolis.


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