Keep those Resolutions! 3. Juice Bars

20 Jan 16

Keep those Resolutions! 3. Juice Bars

20 Jan 16

The chiming in of a New Year means resolutions. Drinking less, eating healthily, and exercising more, are usually high on the agenda. This January, in a series of posts, we are exploring the healthy eateries, juice bars and gyms to visit during your stay in the capital. Perfect if you are visiting London in 2016 and don’t want to break your resolutions… 

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Juice Bars

The restaurants and juice bars below are top destinations for those looking for a vitamin-infused pick-me-up or juice cleanse in London.

Roots and Bulbs 

Blend & Press London 

The Goodlife Eatery 

The Detox Kitchen 

Cold pressed juices are all the rage – a method of juicing which ensures no heat is applied during the process. A hydraulic press “squashes” the fruit and vegetables. With no heat; no nutrients are damaged or wasted. Consequently, these juices contain significantly higher nutrients and antioxidants then other juices.

Top tip: it is recommended to drink a juice after eating. By combining the vitamins and nutrients of the juice with food containing fibre you will get more benefits than from drinking the juice alone. 

Be warned these juices are rather expensive with large quantities of organic fruit and vegetables going into every bottle. The following Huffington Post article explains the hefty pricetag on coldpress juices  

Superfood Cocktails

Sound like an oxymoron? Even cocktails are jumping on the superfood-bandwagon. This new drink trend is taking over London bars, and unlike their sugar-loaded counterparts, are full of health boosting ingredients. The drinks still contain spirits – not so healthy – but are brimming with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. 

Tanya’s Café, Chelsea - which featured in our post about Healthy Eateries in London – turns into a superfood cocktail bar after 4pm, where cocktails are infused with wonder ingredients such as maca, cacao, acai and goji.

The cocktail “Totally Tanya” features Gin, Lime, Mint, Raw Honey, Peppermint Bitters and Sparkling water. 

Plateau, Canary Wharf – are offering a superfood cocktail menu exclusively for the month of January.  

Their cocktail " Genuine" is made with quinoa-based vodka, kiwi and cucumber.

Rocket Restaurants – there are 5 of these restaurants dotted around London, all are offering a January detox menu of classic cocktails remixed with healthy ingredients like beetroot, green tea & carrot.

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