Our London Airbnb Management Service

12 Nov 16

Our London Airbnb Management Service

12 Nov 16

For over 7 years, we’ve been managing London vacation rentals and short lets in homes across London. The principal element to this service is the execution of the stays themselves - housekeeping, bed linen and towel provision, problem-solving and maintenance when the guests are in situ, and generally looking after our clients homes for them whilst they’re away.

We’re now delighted to offer all these services to hosts who don’t list with us, but wish to manage their own London Airbnb listing, that is, they’re responsible for handling enquiries, maintaining their listing and liaising with the guests prior to their arrival, and when it comes to the stay itself, entrusting us with the preparation of the home, checking the guests in and asking us to be the first port of call for any issues arising during the stay. We’re perfectly placed to offer this service to London Airbnb apartment and house rentals throughout central London, with stockpiles of immaculate, 5 star hotel quality bed linen and towels and regular deliveries across London, a competent staff of hardworking management and operations experts working out of our office in Lots Road, Chelsea, and our network of trusted professionals to deal with any conceivable issue which might arise during a guest's stay: heating, plumbing and maintenance contractors, electricians, white goods experts (dishwashers and washing machines), locksmiths (yes, we’ve had to call out a few in our time!), TV engineers, etc etc. This is in addition to the more everyday services of housekeeping and linen provision, so hosts, or, if desired, their guests, can request services to ensure their London vacation apartment is presented to 5 star hotel quality standards and ensure happy guests and excellent Airbnb reviews every time. 

Why should you consider an Airbnb manager for your London home?

In short, to save you time, stress, and in the long run, to earn you money through increased business and the ability to accept more bookings which you otherwise would not have been able to accept for the operational obstacles (e.g. you’re out of town so you can’t get your home prepared in time). For hosts who live around the corner from (or above, below) their London Airbnb home and are time-rich, there may be no point in outsourcing the hard work of managing their bookings, but anyone who has experience in cleaning and preparing homes to a very high standard knows that this involves a huge amount of time and stress. Multiply this 20 or 30 times - or however many bookings you want to achieve for your Airbnb rental next year - and you’re looking at a significant amount of your life. And that’s only half the story - as a London Airbnb host, you’ll know already the fierce competition for bookings. London, at time of writing, has over 40,000 Airbnb listings for travellers to choose from, and for hosts to ensure their home is presented near the top of the list, they need to secure a string of excellent reviews and immaculately prepare their homes, and nobody’s better placed to ensure this than engaging a professional Airbnb manager like our service, Ivy Home. Once you’ve partnered with us, we’d encourage you to proudly advertise that your London vacation home is professionally managed and maintained by our experienced hands.

A La Carte

A great aspect to our service, we believe, is the flexibility it offers hosts. Other Airbnb managers off a fixed percentage commission or rigid product offerings, ultimately meaning you might use - and pay for - services which you don’t need. Ivy Home offers a menu of services which hosts can pick from, so if for some bookings you want to use your linen, or your housekeeper will do the check in clean next time, that’s fine. And because we don’t charge a percentage of your rental, you’ll find our rates highly competitive.

Not Just Airbnb

Our home management service extends beyond Airbnb listings too. We’re happy to offer our services to busy Londoners or those who own a London home but live abroad and need someone to manage everything for them. We hold the keys and you’ll have our number, so for anything you need, just give us a call, and we’ll head over as soon as we can. 

For more information on Ivy Home, please visit its dedicated website, or contact us.


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