How To Prepare Your Home For Short Term Lets

24 Feb 17

How To Prepare Your Home For Short Term Lets

24 Feb 17

When you want to rent out your home or apartment for short term lets, unfortunately it’s not as simple as just handing over the keys and wishing them a great stay. Before this, there are several steps that need to be taken to carefully prepare your home for your guests.

Here are our tips what to do to get your home ready for short term lets. 


Although most guests book a vacation rental opposed to a hotel because they are looking for somewhere homely, having a photograph of your great Aunt Marge and her labradoodle peering down from the bookcase while drinking a morning cup of tea may be a little uncomfortable to some.

This is why we recommend storing away photographs and personal items, as sometimes having personal times left out can make guests feel as though the space isn’t truly theirs for while they’ve rented it.

However, some guests are understanding of the fact that they are staying in someone’s home, so if you have a large portrait or personal item that will be difficult to store away, it should be fine.

We do encourage hosts to leave out books for the guests use (aside from any that may be special and you would like to be kept away, of course). Books really help to give a place a homely feel.

Last but most certainly not least: be sure to store away all your valuables! The booking platform you use should hold a security deposit from the guests in case of any damages are caused of course, however it is best not leaving out something that is irreplaceable to you.

Clean & Functional.

It’s extremely important that your home be spick and span, and in good order upon your guests’ arrival. In particular, the bathrooms and kitchen should be immaculately clean, and the beds should be made up with clean and good quality linens. All appliances & systems should also be functional with no issues in using them.

Doing the housekeeping yourself each and before and after each let is obviously very hard work and time consuming, which is why we recommend getting help.

Our highly experienced professional housekeepers can ensure your property is perfectly presented for the guest's arrival, and left in pristine condition for your return. 

All our housekeepers work exclusively for us and have been trained extensively by Ivy Lettings. We do not use agency cleaners.

We use 100%, 5* cotton luxury linen and provide pillow cases, duvet covers and a set of towels per person. We also provide a starter supply of White Company sundries for the guests (so you don’t have to worry about leaving out shampoo, washing detergent, etc. for them to use).

Enough space.  

It’s important that you make enough space in your home so that your guests will be comfortable during their stay.

Each bedroom will need enough wardrobe and drawer space for guests to store their clothes and belongings (you don’t need to clear it out completely, although you may want to store your items in a separate cupboard). There will also need to sufficient coat hangers left for hanging. 

You can leave behind all your non-perishable food in the cupboard, and your frozen food in the freezer, however, one drawer should be left for the guests own use. We recommend not leaving any items in the fridge unless it is a short booking and it will not spoil during the time that the guests are there, or if you buy it specifically for guest use.  

It is up to you whether you are happy for the guests to help themselves to food in the cupboard. If you’d prefer they didn’t, you should clear a separate space in another cupboard for them to use for their own groceries.


Your home or apartment should be well-equipped to make your guests stay as pleasant as possible. Don't forget, added value is the way to get good reviews and repeat business!

We recommend having the following readily available for guest use-

Please contact us if you’d like us further advice on how to furnish/stock your home for short term lets, or to find out what we can supply as part of our service.

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