The Best Coffee Shops in Marylebone

08 May 18
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The Best Coffee Shops in Marylebone

08 May 18

The distinctly neighbourhood feel of West London’s Marylebone district is particularly suited to an afternoon spent with a good brew in a comfy armchair, or grabbing a coffee to go as you explore some of the area’s many chic boutiques and famous sights. Thankfully, caffeine lovers will be spoilt for choice when it comes to the impressive array of local cafés, stalls and coffee shops in Marylebone.


In preparation for a leisurely walk through nearby Regent’s or Hyde Park, stop by RoMo and say hello to Peter, Marylebone’s most beloved barista. He’ll not only set you up with a steaming cup of delicious Joe from his cart, but you’ll probably end up shooting the breeze with him until it’s time for a refill.

Got time to sit down and eschew the paper cup for a more dignified china receptacle? For a relaxed coffee with friends or family, look no further than 106 Baker Street. The combination of its modern, airy atmosphere and tempting choice of homemade Mediterranean-inspired treats (that will ruin any lunch plans – you have been warned!) makes this Marylebone coffee shop a great choice for weekday caffeine hits.

Think you’re ready to brave the chaos that is Oxford Street? Make a pit stop at the Borough Barista first and steel yourself with one of their tasty brews and maybe something sweet from the pastry selection. Somehow, despite its proximity to the madness just a few metres away, this cute little corner shop manages to exude a calm and relaxing atmosphere—no wonder the staff are always so friendly!


You can’t get much more sophisticated when it comes to coffee shops in Marylebone than the minimalist Workshop Coffee, located in St Christopher’s Place—again, just north of London’s busiest shopping district. Make your way to the zinc-topped bar once your feet start to drag under the weight of your new purchases, and revive with a brewed-to-order filter coffee from the AeroPress. Alternatively, you can always opt for a batch brew.

If you’re partial to a little celeb-spotting with your morning coffee, make sure to pay a visit to The Monocle Café on sophisticated Chiltern Street, of Chiltern Firehouse fame. As well as serving up a great cup of coffee and some rather yummy Japanese-inspired cuisine, its homely feel and snug sofas provide the perfect setting for an extended session with the morning papers.

If coffee is nothing to you without something sweet to complement it, look no further than Nordic Bakery. Well-known for its honest Scandinavian fare and moreish cinnamon buns, it provides another perfect oasis of calm in the hustle and bustle of the city, not to mention some uncomplicated, no-nonsense, utterly delicious coffee.

Feature images © Nordic Bakery; RoMo; 106 Baker Street; The Workshop Café; The Monocle Café

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