This Weekend in London

15 Jan 16

This Weekend in London

15 Jan 16

London is a cultural hub, new exhibitions and events pop up everyday in the capital - in fact, there is always so much going on you'll be hard pressed in deciding where to go, or what to see! 

In this post we have compiled a selection of the best attractions to visit London this weekend (Friday 15th- Sunday 17th January 2016).  

Lumiere London
The biggest light festival ever to hit London. This citywide collection of magical installations will be a welcome contrast to London’s grey January weather. Neons, projections and performances are set to sparkle across central London providing relief from the January blues and a magical new way of seeing the city. 

Stick men will adorn the buildings of Regent Street and a magnificent elephant hologram will march over Piccadilly. A Mayfair phone box will become a glowing aquarium filled with live fish and a well-lit swimmer will dive into the King’s Cross Pond Club.

From now until Sunday 17th January.

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Landscape photographer of the year
This annual exhibition of around 100 of the best entries from the Landscape Photographer of the Year award is returning to the Mezzanine in Waterloo. The beautiful photographs are on display above the hustle and bustle of Britain's busiest station, and visitors can take a moment to soak up the images' serenity whenever the station is open.

From now until Sunday February 7th 2016.

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Alice In Wonderland

150 years have passed since 'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland' was first published. To celebrate, the British Library have curated a special exhibition within their entrance hall where visitors will find Lewis Carroll's original manuscript complete with hand-drawn illustrations, as well as beautiful editions by Ralph Steadman, Mervyn Peake, Leonard Weisgard, Salvador Dali and Arthur Rackham.

From now until Sunday 17th April.

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The british library is a fantastic destination in itself. Established as an independent institution in 1973, the British library is the largest in the world, with well over 150 million items in its collection. The library is home to several manuscripts of huge historic significance, from Beowulf to the Magna Carta. The permanent displays and shop are open to the public daily, but there is a charge for special exhibitions. 

New Musical is Damon Albarn and Rufus Norris's musical version of 'Alice in Wonderland' is accompanied by an exhibition of digital experiences which is designed to immerse its audience in weird and wonderful worlds.

Experience a virtual reality music video with a 360° landscape of pulsating garden, play with a physically reactive Kinect version of the wonderland and meet an Augmented Reality magic mirror wall.

Please note: not suitable for children under 10.

Showing now until Saturday April 30th. 

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- Have a great weekend! - 


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