We’ve Promoted Two of Our Amazing Employees

30 Sep 15

We’ve Promoted Two of Our Amazing Employees

30 Sep 15

Our team has evolved since we first opened shop, in 2006, and we’re proud and thankful for our office staff of 2015 (many of whom you know by name). This year Alice became Director, and we’ve also appointed 2 more roles; both were previously on our cleaning team and have been promoted to operations roles. Here we introduce these two fantastic ladies to you, and tell you a bit about why they are so good at what they do, and what they contribute to the Ivy Lettings team. 


Linda Ivy lettings           

We couldn’t be more thrilled with the appointment of Linda to Operations Manager. This role has been created for Linda, who shone in the all-important role of Head of the Ivy Lettings Cleaning Team. Optimistic and organized, there couldn’t have been a better person to offer this role to. Linda makes sure that home preparations go smoothly, so that guests are welcomed by a member of staff into a welcoming and pristinely clean home.  




Marge Ivy Lettings                                       

We’re also proud to announce a new member of our Operations team. Marge studied law at the University of Latvia before joining the Ivy Lettings cleaning team 3 years ago. A great communicator, Marge speaks many languages and is a hit with our homeowners. As part of our Operations team, her wide range of tasks includes looking after security deposits and owner relations. To the Ivy Lettings Team, she’s best known as Miss-Fix-It because of her impressive DIY skills - jammed locks and broken lights beware!




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