What To Look For In A Vacation Rental

20 Jan 17
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What To Look For In A Vacation Rental

20 Jan 17

Vacation rentals are becoming increasingly more popular over hotel rooms due to the many benefits that come with them, such as more privacy, space, and value for money.

But what should you be looking for in a holiday home? The Ivy Lettings team have put together our suggestions of the main things you should consider when searching for the ideal London vacation rental. 


What type of area are you hoping to spend your time in? Would you prefer somewhere residential and family friendly, or would you rather be amongst the hustle and bustle?

We recommend choosing somewhere that is within a 10-15 minute to an underground station, or within close proximity to a bus stop, so that coming and going from your holiday apartment is convenient for your London adventuring!

Explore our Area Guides here to help you choose which location is the right one for you. 

Suitable surroundings

Once you've chosen your desired vacation rental location, do be mindful of the immediate surroundings. You don't want to find yourself in an area that is going to cause disruptions to your stay, or isn't suitable for what you’re looking to get out of your break.

For example, if you’re a light sleeper we suggest avoiding booking a rental which is not near any pubs or on busy streets with a lot of traffic. Mews style homes are generally a great option for those looking for some peace & quiet. You can view our range of Mews Style homes here

Another example is if you’re not one for walking, you should look for a holiday apartment with wonderful dining options, grocery stores, shops, etc. within just a short stroll so you don’t have to venture out too far each time you want a bite to eat.

Managed by A Reputable Agency

When booking your London vacation rental, you want to ensure you are doing so through a reputable company.

After all, the property itself is only part of the equation contributing to a great stay in your London holiday home.  An element of research is essential; it is worth looking into how long the company has been running for, customer reviews and the calibre of properties within their portfolio. 

The service you experience can make or break a holiday.  You want a company that will provide an excellent and friendly service from first enquiry right through to the end of your stay.

You can read more about our company here and our customer reviews here.

Style Preference

There are many advantages to booking a holiday home over a hotel room – and style is one of them.

You can book a vacation rental that compliments your tastes, a real home from home, or you have the freedom to book a holiday home that is a completely different style to where you live.

Perhaps you’re looking for a Quintessential English Style home, or maybe you’re after something a little more Contemporary Style, or perhaps you'd like to indulge in a little bit of Luxury? We have a range of styles to suit many tastes!

Amenities/Mobility Requirements  

When looking for a vacation rental it’s important to bear in mind that you aren’t staying in a hotel, but rather somebody’s home, and so you won’t have everything you’d expect from your previous experiences in a hotel room.

However, there are some absolute essentials you should make sure your host will provide before you travel. This will not only lead to a less stressful trip (trying to frantically repurchase those bits and bobs you have forgotten), but will free up precious space in your luggage that could be better used – souvenirs and duty-free?

• Towels – all of Ivy Lettings’ holiday homes come with fresh towels and linens for our guests. Such bulky items take up so much room in a suitcase, and trying to take a damp towel home is not a pleasant experience.
• Hangers – fantastic for settling into your holiday rental, and feeling right at home in London.
• WiFi – all our homes have WiFi, it is now a modern necessity!
• Hairdryer – a fundamental item which saves you valuable suitcase space.
• Coffee maker – the saviour of mornings! Our rentals have a variety of coffee makers, from Nespresso machines to the faithful French press, either way it is an absolute essential for all trips.

It’s also incredibly important to consider accessibility for your city vacation home. Many of London’s older apartments have narrow stair cases and high steps, so it’s important to remember to book a home with appropriate access for your needs. Most hotels have step free access, wide elevators and generous doorways to accommodate all mobility requirements, and so a quick question to our Enquiries Team will ensure you will have a comfortable and enjoyable stay in London.  

Our experienced team are highly knowledgeable about London and each of the properties in our wonderful portfolio. If you have a specific criteria for your search regarding budget, location or amenities, do feel free to send through what you’re looking for to [email protected] and we will get back to you with our recommendations!

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