During Your Stay

House Rules

Please observe our House Rules, which apply to all our rental properties.


Home Guide

Please refer to the ‘home guide’ to help orientate yourself with the home. It includes internet access and other helpful and important information. Please take a few minutes to go through this at the start of your stay, or before you arrive.


Owner's Linen & Belongings

We politely ask that you don’t use any other bed linen or towels other than those set out for you on the beds and in the bathroom. 


Feel free to use any basic kitchen condiments (salt, pepper, olive oil etc) that you find, but nothing more substantial than that (including any alcoholic beverages you may find).

Please do not open/enter and cupboards/doors marked by a ribbon/tape as these are private.


Housekeeping Visits

If you’d like a housekeeping visit during your stay, please be in touch at the start of your stay and we’ll gladly schedule this in for you. These are subject to availability and are chargeable.


Complaints / Issues

We want to ensure you have a great stay, so if anything fails to meet your expectations or doesn’t appear to be functioning as it should, please be in touch as soon as possible and we’ll do our best to address it promptly. 


Internet Access Issues

If you can’t access the internet, please take these troubleshooting steps before contacting us:


1. Ensure you are connecting to the correct network with the correct password.

2. Reboot the modem by switching it off, waiting 10 seconds, the switching it back on again. Wait for the signal to be restored before trying to log on again.


If the internet access appears very slow, please check how many devices are logged onto the network simultaneously. Please bear in mind that access during the evening can be slower, since this is a popular time for streaming TV shows etc, which can overload local networks.


Contact Us

Please visit this page for the best way to reach us.


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