Host Introduction Scheme



1. The Ivy host introduces a new owner and notifies Ivy by email. (A single host can introduce multiple new owners.)

2. If Ivy takes the new owner’s home on, then the introducing host will be eligible to receive a £1,000 credit once 40 booked nights have been completed in the introduced home.

3. This credit will apply to the booking(s) in the introducing host’s property immediately following the completion of 40 booked nights referred to above.



(a) The credit cannot be redeemed in cash.

(b) The scheme takes effect from 7 December 2023 until further notice. 

(c) A new host can only be 'introduced' once, so the first notification of introduction (see 1 above) claims that introduction.



What kind of homes are you looking for?
We list homes which are fully furnished and located in central London. They need to have a total of at least 6 weeks’ availability (most of which between April and October).

Sounds good, what are the next steps?
1. Tell friends, family, neighbours, anyone who has a suitable home about Ivy! 
2. When your referred hosts get in touch, they mention they were referred by you so you get the credit.


Can I introduce homes listed with other agencies?
Yes that’s fine - we don’t require exclusivity.




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