Terms of Business (Host)

Terms of Business (Host)                 


Calendar Management

Hosts are given access to their property's online calendar upon listing with us. If the calendar is showing as 'Available' (ie 'instant booking') or if you authorise us to take a booking over dates marked 'Enquire' (ie 'tentatively available') this constitutes an offer to let the property over those dates at the agreed prevailing host rental rate and in accordance with any booking conditions relating to party size and ages of children etc. Please ensure all dates which should not be marketed are marked 'Unavailable' to avoid enquirer disappointment, and note that by default, your calendar will show as 'Enquire'. If you are unable to make changes to your calendar for whatever reason, please email or call any member of the Ivy team immediately and we will do it for you.

As soon as a guest has paid the applicable booking deposit in respect of a rental, a binding contract is formed between host and guest (see 'Rental Agreement' below).


Cancellation by Host

All amounts paid by guests in respect of a booking are non-refundable. Since the guest is committed financially once they have paid a booking deposit to us, from that moment you are also committed to letting your property on the terms of our Rental Agreement. We will advise you via email as soon as the let is confirmed (ie once the booking deposit has been paid). If, after such notification (i) you advise us for any reason that you are no longer able to proceed with the booking in question; or (ii) your property is not, or ceases to be, habitable (at our determination), you agree to pay to us a fee (subject to a maximum of £2,000 plus VAT per booking) to compensate the relevant guest, meet any relocation costs and/or listing platform penalties resulting from the cancellation, compensate us for loss of commission and meet any servicing costs which may have been incurred by us. In the event that you wish to cancel a booking and the guest agrees to such cancellation without being relocated, you agree to meet a standard cancellation fee of £425 (+VAT) per booking. Such fees are payable with 14 days of your notifying us of the cancellation of the booking. 


Cancellation by Guest

Guests are permitted to cancel their booking within 24 hours of making it. Subject to the foregoing and unless we can re-let the property, all amounts paid in respect of their booking are non-refundable and hosts will receive the agreed host rental fee in the event of a guest cancellation (or portion thereof in the event that the guests have not paid the total of their rental fee at the time they cancel), provided that they make the property available for us to endeavour to re-let it over the relevant dates. To the extent we are able to do so, we will refund the cancelling guest on a pro-rata basis. Bookings taken through third party booking platforms are subject to the cancellation and any other terms of such platforms. Ivy is not liable for any rental amounts which have not been paid to us from guests (directly or via third party booking platforms).


Works & Maintenance

You agree to let us know immediately should you become aware (and make reasonable enquiries where appropriate) of there being any planned or ongoing works or maintenance which may affect the quality of a guest's forthcoming booking. Depending on the severity of such works or maintenance, we reserve the right to offer compensation to the guests for any resulting disturbance, or, if necessary, to relocate them if, at our discretion, it would not be reasonable to expect the guest to stay in property. 



It is the host's responsibility to ensure the proper functioning of appliances, toilets, showers, locks, TVs and internet modems etc. Where problems arise in relation to the foregoing, we will always to our best to resolve them ourselves promptly, however if this is not possible, we reserve the right to charge you for our time and any related contractor costs once we have expended all reasonable time and effort to rectify the problem. If practicable and where timing permits, we will warn you in advance to give you the opportunity to arrange a solution yourselves.


Whilst we use our best endeavours to ensure any third party contractor works are completed on a timely basis, we are not responsible for overseeing or managing the contractors, nor their works, and do not accept any liability for losses ensuing from the works nor costs associated with rectifying them, if these are found to be necessary.


For more information about our charges for maintenance and management, please follow this link.


Rental Payments

Rental payment to hosts are made on the first business Friday following the end of the applicable booking. For bookings of 4 weeks or longer, we are happy to pay instalments as agreed between us.


Rental Agreement

In respect of each let, you agree (along with the guest in each case) to be bound by the terms of the Rental Agreement.


Authorities & Consents, Gas Safety Certificates

It is the sole responsibility of the owners to:

- ensure that they have all the authorities, licences, certificates and consents as required by law to let their property; and
- to obtain a gas safety certificate in respect of gas appliances, as required by the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998.



The host agrees to pay to us a fee of 30% (plus VAT) of rental amounts in respect of all bookings with guests introduced by us but where host and guest have dealt directly with each other and have not engaged the services of Ivy, including extensions of bookings managed by Ivy.



Whilst we are committed to strictly vetting all prospective tenants, the landlord agrees that Ivy Lettings Limited, its officers and employees shall not be liable for any loss, injury or damage suffered in connection with any lettings with tenants introduced by us.



By listing your property with us, you are deemed to agree to and accept the above terms, and to those set out in the Rental Agreement as described and referred to above.

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