Ivy Ambassadors - Info & Terms

We're so grateful to our wonderful guests who so kindly refer their family and friends to us. So from now on, we're happy to reward you for referring guests to Ivy under "Ivy Ambassadors", an incentivised referral programme.




For each and every guest you refer to Ivy, receive £50 Ivy credit when your referred guest books with us (subject to Terms below). Your referred guest will receive a £50 discount on their booking.


More than that, as a registered Ivy Ambassador, you'll receive exclusive offers and discounts.




Register here.




1. Referred guests can become Ivy Ambassadors (“IA”s) but IA's are not able to redeem IA coupon codes themselves once they’ve become, or have been, an IA.

2. Referred friends and their families may use an Ivy Ambassador coupon code only once. Once referred by you, they cannot be ‘referred’ in future by another Ivy Ambassador and use their code.

3. If a referred guest cancels their Ivy booking, the corresponding Ivy credit will also be cancelled.

4. Ivy Ambassador’s Ivy Credit must be used within 3 years of it becoming active. It can be transferred but cannot be used in conjunction with any other coupon, including an IA coupon.

5. Coupons and Ivy Credit cannot be redeemed against bookings already made. All coupons and Ivy Credit must be redeemed at time of booking and no later.

6. Ivy reserves the right to require monetary payment for IA coupons and Ivy credit redeemed in contravention of these terms, and to cancel bookings in the event of non payment.



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