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We work hard so that you don't have to worry about your home while you're away. Here's how we guarantee you peace of mind. 

Our trusted guests    

We've built a large base of happy, returning customers who we know and trust.

Ivy Lettings - Safety & Security Trusted Guests

Our over 30 policy

We want to ensure on your behalf that the lead guest is a responsible adult. This is why we have an over 30 policy for the lead guest.

Ivy Lettings London - Over 30s Policy

Contact with prospective guests

We endeavour to speak to all guests over the phone, so that we can get to know them and you can feel comfortable with them staying in your home. 


Contact with guests - Ivy Lettings - London Vacation Rentals

Proof of ID

Whenever possible, we file and photocopy the photo page of the lead guest’s passport or ID card.

Proof of ID - Ivy Lettings - London vacation rentals

We make sure the booking has your approval

If you block off the dates as ‘available on request’, we will always check with you before confirming a booking.

We make sure the booking has homeowners' approval - Ivy Lettings - London vacation rentals


Every guest pays a deposit, though we find that we rarely have to withhold this.

Deposits - Ivy Lettings - London Vacation Rentals

Your house, your rules

No one should tell you who can stay at your home. Though many of our homes are family friendly, and hosts are often keen to encourage family bookings, we leave this entirely to the host’s discretion. We also encourage hosts to specify the age of the children they allow, for example, children over 8 years of age only. This way we can ensure you ultimate peace of mind.


       Your House Your Rules - Ivy Lettings - London Vacation Rentals                 


To find out more about how we ensure your home is safe and secure, or if you would like to apply to rent out your home with Ivy Lettings, give Beatrice, Alice or Holly of our enquiries team a call on 0207 349 7016 or email us at 

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