London Homes

London homes


For Kiwi travellers used to better accommodation than crashing on a mate’s beery floor, or who are embarking on their second OE, self-catering in a London home is an appealing prospect. Guy van der Westhuizen, a half-Kiwi (his mother’s from Napier), half-South African recently made redundant in London, has set up a business arranging short-term accommodation at affordable rates. Ivy Lettings arranges affordable short stays (minimum five nights) in desirable properties – London homes left vacant while their owners are abroad on business or vacation. Each property, from studio flats to four-bedroom houses, is within 20 minutes of London’s key attractions. Ivy Lettings can also arrange airport transfers at competitive rates, maid service, equipment for babies and a host of other extras to ensure every convenience of a hotel, but without the expense.


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