Maintenance Charges

Ad Hoc Housekeeping Tasks

Basic housekeeping errands or any tasks which can be completed by way of a quick housekeeping visit, are not chargeable. Longer jobs which may take multiple hours, such as buying and delivering bedding or waiting in for contractors, are charged at £25/hr +vat


Handyman Visits

Tasks requiring a handyman, such as attending failed appliances, heating and hot water issues (not requiring a plumber), changing recessed ceiling lightbulbs and smoke alarm batteries, fixing blinds, dripping taps etc are chargeable at £95/hr +vat. Wherever practicable and if time allows, we will give hosts the opportunity to have these addressed themselves, and we’ll always troubleshoot and contact any preferred contractor first. Please note that handyman fees are chargeable on a call-out basis, eg even if further more specialist assistance is required.


Specialist contractor call outs

Qualified heating engineers, electricians, drainage and appliance specialists are charged at cost to host, with no additional fees, except where we have to spend more than three hours arranging and overseeing complex/protracted maintenance matters such as the installation of new boilers.


Please note

Whilst we are here to help and always have a vested interest in finding swift solutions to maintenance issues in our properties, please remember the primary responsibility for ensuring everything works in their homes lies with hosts. When maintenance issues arise during guests’ stays which are likely to adversely affect their experience, it is our policy to seek to address these as swiftly as possible and where appropriate, we will arrange for compensation to be paid to guests.

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