Referral Scheme

How to Claim
To claim, ask your referred guest to nominate you as the referring person via email to prior to booking, citing your name and email address and Ivy Referral Scheme. For their credit, they should enter REFER50 as coupon code when booking.
1. £50 referral fee payable to the referring party will be made via transferwise or other means at our discretion. We will meet any transfer costs. Payment will be made 48 hours after booking is confirmed and will not be payable in the event the referred guests cancels.
2. £50 payable to referred guests will be in form of credit against their booking amount.
3. Only one £50 referral fee and one £50 credit payable per booking.
4. Referrals advertised on booking channel websites or threads thereon will not be honoured.
5. Discount code cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotional offer. 

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