Travel Credit Terms

Use of Travel Credit


Travel credit issued in respect of cancelled bookings (the "Original Booking") may be redeemed against new bookings (the “New Booking”) in accordance with the terms of the travel credit and the following:


(i) the New Booking must be of equal or greater value that the Original Booking in order for the full amount of the credit to be used against it. For bookings of lesser value, travel credit may be used but only pro rata to the Original Booking amount, for example, if the value of the New Booking is 50% less than the value of the Original Booking, only 50% of the travel credit may be used against it. The balance of any unused travel credit may still be used, subject to the same terms.


(ii) if the New Booking is payable in in two payments (ie if the arrival date is greater than 28 days from the booking date), the travel credit will be applied against the second payment. If the value of the usable travel credit exceeds the amount of the second payment, the excess of the travel credit will be applied against the first payment.


(iii) if the New Booking is cancelled following a circumstance that would give right to a guest refund in accordance with our guest terms of business, only the portion of the New Booking paid for in cash will be refundable in cash. Travel credit may not be redeemed in cash under any circumstances.

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